About me
Author, columnist and journalist, Paul Simper, has written about pop culture since 1981 for Melody Maker, New Sounds, New Styles, No.1, NME, Cosmopolitan and Buzz/TV Magazine.

I'm the Executive Celebrity Writer at Sun TV Magazine (formerly Buzz), which means I interview telly folk and occasionally take them out to lunch.

I've written about pop culture - music, movies and television - since 1981 for Melody Maker, New Sounds, New Styles, No.1, the Daily Express, the NME and The Sun. Other TV writing work includes the exploitation movie spoof show, Exploitica (4-Later), David Walliams: My Life with James Bond (ITV1) and It Started With Swap Shop (BBC2).

My memoir of writing for the music press and clubbing in the 1980s, Pop Stars in My Pantry will be published in August 2017 with crowd funding publishers Unbound.


1982 - 83 Melody Maker Features Writer & Film Reviewer
1982 - New Sounds New Styles Features & Film Writer
1983 - 88 No.1 Features Writer
1988 - 98 Daily Express Music Reviewer
1990 - 94 Magazine Film Reviewer
1994 - 95 NME Film Reviewer
1994 - 99 Chat Magazine Features Writer
2002 - 07 Best Magazine Showbiz Writer
2007 - 2010 Cosmopolitan's Undercover Man.
2008 - 2010 Venus & Mars weekly column for Cosmo online.
2010 - present Buzz/TV Buzz/Sun TV Magazine Executive Celebrity Writer.

Also The Village Voice; 19 Magazine; Just Seventeen; The Sunday Times; Insight.


1999 Writer on Exploitica (Mentorn/4-Later) 12 Episodes
2000 Writer on Exploitica Rides Again (Mentorn/4-Later) 24 Episodes
2002 Writer & Editor Expedition 360: Road to Australia (Discovery Channel)
2003 Writer & Editor Expedition 360: Destination Darwin (Discovery Channel)
2006 Writer My Life with James Bond (Unique TV for ITV1)
2006 Writer It Started with Swap Shop (Unique TV for BBC2)


The Saint: From Big Screen To Small Screen and Back Again (Chameleon/Andre Deutsh)